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What Are the Benefits of Identity Management Software in the Integrated Resorts Industry?

October 18, 2022

Gaming is both fun and challenging, drawing players back for more and more. As a resort and casino, gaming is profitable for you, too. So it’s essential to protect your operations and facilitate positive experiences. One way to do that is with effective identity management software to manage on-site activities.

You might be curious, wondering, “What are the benefits of identity management, anyway?” Identity management tools can give your venue insights into player and employee activities throughout the facility, enhancing security and minimizing losses. Let’s explore a few benefits in depth.

What Are the Benefits of Identity Management?

Identity management enhances your venue from the outside in. It provides greater operational visibility and builds on the technology infrastructure you already have in place.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

One of the major benefits of identity management is that facial recognition easily integrates with your venue’s current technology. Whether your cameras or slots are from one manufacturer or many, quality identity management tools work successfully with them to monitor activities.

Employee Clock-In

It can be time-consuming for team members to manually clock in, whether with a physical punch card or the more common digital login. Manual processes like this add to your venue’s back-office work, too. With identity management, team members can clock in and out with their faces at the door, where cameras read their facial fingerprint and record the information.

VIP Visibility

VIPs are your most important assets, both providing regular, valuable, business and bringing new patrons with them. Another benefit of identity management is being able to see these individuals throughout the duration of their visit to your venue. From the parking lot to the game floor, you can take inventory of VIP activities, giving you more opportunities to engage with these high-value players, provide comps, and foster those relationships.


Your surveillance should start before guests walk in. Identity management and license plate recognition (LPR) systems give you a headstart in the parking lot. LPR records each patron’s vehicle details with strategically placed cameras, providing an advantage if an individual is suspected of vandalism, theft, or money laundering.

Patron Management

In with the good and out with the bad. One of your priorities is to ensure positive guest experiences, so patron management is certainly one of the biggest benefits of identity management. Identity verification helps your venue remove both banned and self-excluded players from the property. You can do this by comparing your venue’s incident history—from criminal activity or verbal and physical altercations, to those who have requested exclusion due to their problem gambling—with facial data to identify repeat offenders.

Improved Security

Security and surveillance personnel are valuable members of your team, ensuring your resort and casino remain safe and efficient. Installing identity management tools such as cameras at key checkpoints throughout the building streamlines their jobs. Incidents and risks get flagged immediately, so team members can take swift action, from ejecting problem patrons to calling law enforcement.

AML Compliance

Tracking patrons’ faces against their activities is crucial. AML screening quickly spots uncarded players and money laundering activities on the game floor, and your venue can easily match a suspicious person’s face to all of their activities on-site. You can use this intel to identify money laundering and search your TITO reports for suspicious activities, thereby reducing financial crimes. Ensure positive gameplay and prevent your casino from getting fined with intelligent insights.

How Can You Implement eConnect’s Identity Management Software?

Every security and surveillance system works a little differently, so what are the benefits of identity management through eConnect in particular? We strive to set the standard for first-class solutions—answering the challenges of today and tomorrow.

As a result, eConnect is designed with flexibility in mind. Each piece of our platform can operate separately or as part of larger solution suites. Whether your operation needs ID-scanning at the front door or a 360-degree view of activities, you have the freedom to deploy the elements that best enhance your venue.

Get All the Benefits of Identity Management Software for Your Operation

Could identity management and facial recognition be the golden ticket to make your venue the success you know it can be? Get insights into patron activities, manage risks, and enhance your current systems with eConnect! Learn more about facial recognition by watching our webinar.