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Top Five Reasons To Attend a Conference This Year

June 27, 2022

Why do people attend conferences? As a conference company, we can give several reasons why. Sometimes you need that time out of the office, there’s a deep desire to learn more about your field, or you’re a networking pro ready to mingle.

At the current time, convincing the powers that be to travel to, stay at, and attend a conference can be tricky. But, you can’t put a price on the value of learning and sharing your conference experience with teammates so all can benefit. If you need some extra creativity or motivation to register for one of our upcoming events this fall and winter, we have five sure-fire reasons that will help.

  1. The Power of Networking
  2. Cutting-Edge and Timely Agenda Topics
  3. Grow Your Thought Leadership
  4. Learn About New Business Solutions
  5. Time Away From the Office

The Power of Networking

One of the main reasons leaders choose to attend our events over others is our attendees. Native Nation Events pride ourselves on inviting accomplished Tribal leaders from near and far to speak at or attend our annual conferences. Even the most introverted attendees find extreme value in our shows and come out of their shells to introduce themselves to these respected dignitaries. From creating sessions packed with thought leaders to sponsors with actionable solutions, our events are vibrant places where exciting, non-stop conversations.

Chenae Bullock (Director – Shinnecock Indian Nation | Little Beach Harvest) meets with Seventh Native American Cannabis and Hemp Conference attendees to continue the discussion after her session on Tribal establishment in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Timely Agenda Topics

Our team spends countless hours researching and seeking input from thought leaders regarding the information we present at our conferences. We ensure each agenda is filled with information you need, has the most up-to-date technology, and gives you time to seek advice and get questions answered from our expert panelists.

Speakers from left to right Lucas K. Osceola (Assist. Chairman – Miccosukee Tribe of Indians), Jared Heiner (Assoc. VP & Land Devt Mgr – Michael Baker International), Jacob Wamego (President & CEO – Prairie Band, LLC), and Scott Moore y Medina (President & Principal Architect – Bowde | Blue Star) discuss topics on Tribal economic success at the 15th Annual Native American Economic Development Conference.

Grow Your Thought Leadership

This goes hand-in-hand with numbers one and two above. Growing your thought leadership involves networking with other individuals. These people can expand your horizons to new ideas, challenge your current thoughts, and help connect you to the right resources to continue to grow. Coupling that with attending sessions, you’re sure to come away from our events feeling revitalized and armed with the knowledge and resources to take on your current challenges.

Learn About New Business Solutions

Attending a conference is more than meeting attendees and session speakers; it’s connecting with industry professionals and sponsors. Yes, we understand they want to grow their sales pipeline, but taking the time to learn more about the professionals and sponsors in attendance can also help you get the most out of your conference experience. Native Nation Events ensures we bring reputable companies with best-in-class solutions so you can make confident, informed decisions.

Kevin Ragsdale of Paradigm Shift enthusiastically meets with a conference attendee at the annual Economic Development Conferences at the Pechanga Resort Casino.

Time Away From the Office

There are many additional reasons to attend a conference, but time away from your everyday routine can’t be beaten. Experiencing a new city filled with new places to eat and things to see and do revitalizes and refreshes you more than you realize. We also pride ourselves on holding most of our events at Tribal-owned venues, and it’s nice to see how others run their operations. Take a tour, and make new connections.

Native Nation Events has an exciting fall and winter event schedule, and we hope to see you at one of them. Click on the image to learn more about the conference and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Native American Economic Development and Diversification Conference
Fourth Annual Tribal Security Symposium
Eighth Native American Leadership Forum – West
13th Annual Native American Human Resources Conference