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Imagine This – The Secret Sauce for Casino Operators

May 12, 2022

Want to know the latest “secret sauce” innovative casino operators are working with Imagine This on to increase revenue and profit? The most common questions our clients are asking us for 2022 and forward, are to find ways to increase revenue and profit.

Player Fatigue
When do we change up what we are doing to keep our offers fresh? Imagine This has a national data center, where we look at trends in multiple demographics and markets all over North America. We have discovered valuable information that can help your marketing team make evidence-based decisions. Many of these findings rebuke age-old assumptions, which is important to improve marketing strategies.

Trip Frequency
Can we really continue to expect players to increase their visits? The newest marketing approach is demonstrating overwhelmingly that answer is YES. The data supports it. We have several clients now taking advantage of our Casino Continuity Program by running two programs each month. In short, increasing the opportunity for players to come in multiple times each week. Let us share how you can take advantage of this opportunity risk-free using our variable cost and self-funding approach.

Player Loyalty – Competition vs. Attrition.
How truly loyal are our players? Where do they go when they don’t come in as often? An astounding discovery we have made is that in one year, there is a significant amount of player attrition. “Bread and butter “ players, who we assume are loyal, simply vanish from offer groups month over month and year over year. Our national data center shows the average annual attrition ranges from 40%-70%. Did they go to the competition? Did they stop gambling? Did they move? There are many reasons. The key reason this is important is: if you are experiencing high attrition levels, you can look at your reinvestment strategies, possibly entertain new marketing approaches, and look for innovative ways to reengage those players.

Many of the answers to these questions can be found in your data.

Analyzing the data helps make evidence-based decision-making.

Let Imagine This share how we work with our clients and why they use our analytical methods to answer these questions.

Imagine This is a full-service marketing and analytics company with a singular focus: Help our clients maximize revenue and profit on the money they invest in us. We look forward to seeing you!

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